Paper Mate InkJoy 100ST

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  • 1.0 mm
  • 10 Colours
  • Easy To Hold
  • Colorful Barrel Design
  • Ultra Smooth Ink
  • Vivid Ink Color

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Inkjoy’s unique blend of ultra-low viscosity inks and optimized writing tips gives you crisp, clean lines and unparalleled smoothness.

  • A range of sleek and modern pen designs houses a rich palette of vivid ink colors to dazzle your writing imagination.
  • The InkJoy 100 series has a triangular shape that is comfortable to hold and won’t roll down inclined desks and tables.
  • The colorful tinted body tells you quickly what color the ink is and gives the pen a refreshing look.
  • 1.0 mm point gives you a nice, solid, smooth line for general writing. This is a package of 8 pens.

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