Artline T-Shirt Marker

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2.0mm(Writing width)

  • Polyester fibre tip
  • Waterproof
  • Fadeproof
  • Ink colours :19colours
  • Box of 4 pcs.

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The Artline T shirt marker has a 2mm polyester fibre bullet tip & water proof ink. The markers cap is a snap fit air tight cap which can be stored on the end of the barrel during use. There is a choice of 19 different ink colours which are laundry safe at 60 degrees C.

Artline T shirt markers can be used on T-shirts, sweat shirts, jeans and any other cotton fabrics. They are highly fade-resistant and wash-resistant. Please note they will wash out prior to fixing.

Place paper towels on and under the work to be fixed to prevent the colours from transferring to the iron and the other side of the clothing.

To Fix the colours iron at a medium heat.


EKT-2 2.0mm Black
EKT-2 2.0mm Blue
EKT-2 2.0mm Red
EKT-2 2.0mm Green
EKT-2 2.0mm Yellow Green
EKT-2 2.0mm Brown
EKT-2 2.0mm Orange
EKT-2 2.0mm Purple
EKT-2 2.0mm Yellow
EKT-2 2.0mm Rose
EKT-2 2.0mm Grey
EKT-2 2.0mm Fluoro. Yellow
EKT-2 2.0mm Fluoro. Orange
EKT-2 2.0mm Fluoro. Pink
EKT-2 2.0mm Fluoro. Purple
EKT-2 2.0mm Fluoro. Green
EKT-2 2.0mm Beige
EKT-2 2.0mm Light Blue
EKT-2 2.0mm Pale Orange

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