Artline Poster Marker 2.0mm

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2.0mm(Writing width)

  • Acrylic fibre tip
  • Water and fade resistant
  • Bullet style
  • Ink colours :19colours
  • Box of 12 pcs.

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The Artline Poster Marker 4 has 4.0mm bullet tip and is ideal for smaller text, detail and letter-depth shadows. The marker has a valve action nib which gives superior ink flow control. Artline poster markers have vivid highly opaque pigment ink with excellent water and fade resistant properties.

The ink is Xylene and acid free and can be over painted without bleed through. It can be washed off non porous surfaces. Artline Poster Markers are easily removed from non porous surfaces using Artline Board Cleaner. The Artline Poster Marker 4’s water based poster paint is ideal for posters, menu boards and sign writing. It is suitable for use on card, plastic, rubber, glass, wood & stone surfaces. The Artline poster marker 4 is available in 19 ink colours and writes a 4.0mm wide line.


2.0mm writing. Ideal for small text, detail and letter-depth shadows.

EPP-4 2.0mm Black
EPP-4 2.0mm Blue
EPP-4 2.0mm Red
EPP-4 2.0mm Green
EPP-4 2.0mm Brown
EPP-4 2.0mm Orange
EPP-4 2.0mm Purple
EPP-4 2.0mm Yellow
EPP-4 2.0mm Fluoro.Yellow
EPP-4 2.0mm Fluoro.Orange
EPP-4 2.0mm Fluoro.Pink
EPP-4 2.0mm Fluoro.Green
EPP-4 2.0mm White
EPP-4 2.0mm Gold
EPP-4 2.0mm Silver
EPP-4 2.0mm MetallicRed
EPP-4 2.0mm MetallicBlue
EPP-4 2.0mm MetallicGreen
EPP-4 2.0mm MetallicPurple

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