Artline 999XF Metallic Marker

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0.8mm(Writing width)

  • Polyacetal resin tip
  • Highly water and fade resistant
  • Fast drying
  • Ink colours :2colours
  • Box of 12 pcs.

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Artline 999XF Metallic Markers are rich in gold pigments and create an excellent metallic effect. They are quick drying, acid & Xylene free as well as being highly water and fade resistant.

These markers are completely opaque, even on dark or transparent surfaces. The colour will remain crisp over a long period of time. They write 0.8mm wide lines.

The 999XF markers are ideal for use on porcelain, glass, metal, wood, rubber, card and plastic.

Available to buy as individual markers or further savings can be made by buying in packs of 12.


Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use where permanent indelible marking is required.

EK-999XF 0.8mm Gold
EK-999XF 0.8mm Silver

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