Artline 853 OHP Marker

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0.5mm(Writing width)

  • Polyacetal resin tip
  • Fine line
  • Ink colours :8colours
  • Box of 12 pcs.

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Artline 853 OHP Markers are permanent ink overhead projection marker. They have quick drying ink which leaves no residue on your hands or the film.

The nib of Artline 853 OHP markers has been specially designed so as not to scratch the film. Heat resistant ink retains the vivid colour over long projection periods. There is a choice of 8 ink colours & the marker writes a 0.5mm wide line.

The characteristics of the ink make it ideal for use on “foil peel off” crafting products.


Heat-resistant quick dry ink leaves no residue on films or hands.
Bright, vivid colours are projected clearly. Best for use on projection film.

EK-853 0.5mm Black
EK-853 0.5mm Blue
EK-853 0.5mm Red
EK-853 0.5mm Green
EK-853 0.5mm Brown
EK-853 0.5mm Orange
EK-853 0.5mm Purple
EK-853 0.5mm Yellow

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