Artline 710 Long Nib Marker

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1.0mm(Writing width)

  • Acrylic fibre tip
  • Instant drying
  • Waterproof
  • Ink colours :3colours
  • Box of 12 pcs.

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The Artline 710 long nib marker has an extra long nib that is 30mm in length and 1mm wide. It is perfect for marking in deep holes and those hard to reach places. The barrel has a handy scale marked on it allowing you to take quick measurements. A neck strap can also be attached to the cap if required.

The ink in Artline 710 markers is an alcohol based permanent ink which is instant drying on all surfaces. It is also waterproof, low odour & Xylene free. Artline 710 long nib markers are available in 3 different ink colours and can be refilled with Artline EK-20 Marking Ink.


Ideal for marking deep hole and inspections on hard-to-reach places such as a wall behind attachments to be installed.
Spare nib is available.

EK-710 1.0mm Black
EK-710 1.0mm Blue
EK-710 1.0mm Red

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